Budget Savvy Bride Recap – In Case You Missed It

So as I mentioned before, I’m a guest blogger over at the Budget Savvy Bride and I’ve been busy blogging away over there. Though I fell short on the promise to *eh hem* share those posts over here. So, here are the links to the ones that have been published so far. I still have about 3-4 pending review to publish … so yes, there will be more and then, the final BIG post which will be the reveal of the ENTIRE wedding! Yay!!

The Second Time Bride

Mission Impossible: Finding A Dress for Under $500

Our Proposal, the ring, and how I asked my big question

Tulle-ing around (And other ways I’m a DIY bride)

Father of the Bride

Tough Calls When It Comes to the Guest List

Piggy Bank Budgeting & Our Budget Breakdown

More to come … LOTS more … and I’ll try my very best (especially now that I have a “lull” in my schedule) to get more posted here!

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